Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Stero Slots Services and ensure that you fully understand their content. These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement (“The Agreement”) between the User and Stero Slots. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to govern the legal relationships between Stero Slots and the User.

By accessing Stero Slots, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and unconditionally accept that they will apply to you. By accepting these terms and conditions, you declare that you have read their content and that your rights and obligations have been made known to you.

If the user does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, they must immediately cease using our Services.

Unless otherwise provided, in the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any other document or rules mentioned within Stero Slots, these terms and conditions will prevail.

Any phrase introduced by the words “include” or “including” or similar expressions, shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words following, and shall be considered “without limitation.”

Definitions and Interpretation of Terms

Within this contract, the following words and terms shall have the meaning ascribed below, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning, and shall regulate the use of the site for the User.

Account: an account created on steroslots.com

Agreement: These terms and conditions

Stero Slots, steroslots.com, we, our, us: The website steroslots.com owned by MEDIA SKY SERV SRL, a Romanian commercial company registered in Bucuresti under no. J40/12206/2021

Content: Everything contained on the steroslots.com site or on other communication channels (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.), including, but not limited to, software, data, applications, information, text, photographs, music, sounds, videos, graphics, logos, symbols, illustrations or any other material or moving image

Username and Password: The username and password that are chosen at the time of registration on steroslots.com.

User: A person or software that has an associated Account and uses the Services.

Representatives: representatives, directors, agents, or employees of the Stero Slots site.

Service or Services: Stero Slots provides users with information about casino games, sports betting and other gambling activities, industry articles, prize contests, online video materials, promotions, and advertisements. The Services include access to all information accessible on the site regardless of its form, including but not limited to articles, contests, advertising spaces, and any other content or associated software, whether in downloadable format or on other media platforms, is accessible or is otherwise used by the user through the site and allows them to participate in the services offered by Stero Slots. The Services include content owned by Stero Slots.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing Stero Slots, the user unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions. The Agreement applies to the use of the Services and takes effect from the first visit to the steroslots.com site. By visiting the steroslots.com site, the User guarantees that they are of legal age to participate in gambling in the country from which they access the Services. Stero Slots may at any time require the user to present official documents proving legal age. If the user cannot demonstrate that they meet the minimum age requirements, their account, if any, will be blocked until the user provides the necessary documents to Stero Slots. By using the services, the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions. Any modification of the Terms and Conditions will be amended in writing and accepted by the user. Only Stero Slots may unilaterally modify, at any time, the terms and conditions or its own policies applicable to the use of the website or forum if it deems this modification necessary. The new terms will be made known to users by opening a new window upon authentication on the website or by sending messages on the forum or by email to the email address specified in the account details by the user. Once notified in any of these ways, it is assumed that the user is aware of the content of the new terms, and any subsequent access to Stero Slots will be subject to them. The user cannot request exemption from the new terms and conditions and cannot be subject to the old terms; the new provisions are generally binding for all users from the date of their communication. The user who accesses the Stero Slots portal after the communication of the new terms will be subject to them in their entirety and cannot claim ignorance of them. Any right not granted in these Terms and Conditions is reserved. If you do not fully agree with these Terms and Conditions, you must immediately cease using the Services.

2. Creating a Stero Slots Account

To register an account on Stero Slots, you must complete the online registration form. Personal data is required during the account registration process. This includes: username, password, and email address. By registering an account, you agree and declare that you have entered your personal details. An individual may not request to open an account or hold an account if they will not be the account holder or if they are acting on behalf of a third party. A user may have only one Stero Slots account, and Stero Slots reserves the right to close any multiple accounts that are opened under the same name or associated with the same person. If an individual has opened multiple accounts, Stero Slots may take any action allowed under these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to, permanently blocking access or removal from competitions and canceling any due prizes. Stero Slots may refuse a person’s request to open an account and may close an account at its sole discretion. By opening an account, you agree to receive promotional materials from Stero Slots collaborators in the form of newsletters to your email address. Any user can permanently unsubscribe from this service by following the unsubscribe links in the newsletter. A user must not authorize any third party to use their account, but a user will be entirely responsible for all activities on their personal account even if a third party uses their account. The user must immediately inform Stero Slots if they suspect another person has accessed their account and will provide full support to Stero Slots while this issue is investigated. The user understands and agrees that Stero Slots does not guarantee in any way that the use of the Services by the User is legal in any given territory and it is the User’s own responsibility to ensure the legality of their actions. Stero Slots cannot provide legal opinions regarding the legality of these Services in the user’s country, nor will it accept any responsibility for any penalty that may be applied to the user by the relevant authorities, as a result of illegal use of the Services or by failing to meet any legal obligation, in accordance with the laws in force in the user’s country. A user must not request or create an account if they are in a jurisdiction where opening an account and/or using our Services is illegal or against the law. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that this is not the case. Stero Slots reserves the right to immediately suspend a user’s account if Stero Slots discovers that this account has been opened in a country where accessing the Services is illegal. Stero Slots adheres to the law regarding the protection of personal data and does not use the information provided by users for commercial purposes.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

All rights, registered trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights on any material or content on the website steroslots.ro or other communication channels (“Content”), belong to us or have been granted to us for our benefit by the rightful owners as part of the Service. All rights are reserved. Specifically, regarding the content (in whole or in part), users are prohibited from engaging in the following prohibited activities (collectively referred to as “Prohibited Actions”):

  • Selling, transferring, leasing, or subcontracting the content;
  • Altering, editing, modifying, adapting, or restructuring in any way;
  • Copying, distributing, or attempting to access the source code of the content for any purpose;
  • Using our sites for any illegal or prohibited purpose or in violation of these Terms and Conditions, in any form. If a user commits a Prohibited Action, they will be fully responsible for all damages, costs, and expenses arising from such an action. Users may copy content in an unmodified form for personal use on their own computer, mobile device, or other access device, if and to the extent that such a copy is necessary for the proper use of the Stero Slots Services. Users must immediately inform Stero Slots if they become aware of any unauthorized use or copying of any Content or any part of the sites, any unauthorized access to any site, or other unauthorized activities, including, but not limited to, any prohibited act related to our Services, committed by any individual or entity. Users agree to provide all necessary assistance for any investigation conducted by Stero Slots. Users grant Stero Slots a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide permission to reproduce, transfer, modify, adapt, and/or edit any material provided to us by the user via email, on the websites, or otherwise, in any way Stero Slots deems appropriate without notifying the User.
4. User Obligations
  1. To have only one account opened on steroslots.com.
  2. To respect the present terms and conditions under the penalty of warning, prohibition of access to the forum or website, or temporary or permanent closure of the user account.
  3. To refrain from making abusive, harassing or violent statements, or content that incites violence or can be considered provocative, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, offensive, or morally reprehensible.
  4. Not to insult, harass, threaten, intimidate, embarrass or make defamatory statements against other users.
  5. Not to affect in any way the personal life of other users of steroslots.ro without their consent, by invading private space, disclosing or spreading information, whether true or fabricated, or by any other means that can harm their private lives.
  6. Not to use the names or information they have about steroslots.com users in any way to damage their image or assets.
  7. Not to start rumors or spread false or fabricated information about steroslots.com, about the portal’s activity, about the administrators and the way of work, compliance with laws, opinions, or the position that steroslots.com or its representatives take on current issues, including those mediated.
  8. Not to present themselves as a representative of steroslots.com or any affiliated or partner company to steroslots.com in dealings with third parties.
  9. Not to use images, photographs, graphics, video, audio, text, trademarks, titles, names, software, or any legally protected content without the permission of the copyright or related rights holders, without legal or contractual right.
  10. Not to use the image, content, logo, name, http address of steroslots.com, or any other object of intellectual property right owned by steroslots.ro for personal, commercial, or non-commercial purposes, without the written and express consent of the administrators of steroslots.com.
  11. Not to abuse programming errors that could allow additional rights, access to privileged information, or any other information, about users or about steroslots.com.
  12. Not to undertake actions that lead to overloading the servers and/or can negatively affect the normal use of the website by users.
  13. Not to use the website code without the express and written consent of steroslots.com, to not hack this code or to instigate others to use, break, or hack the code.
  14. Not to use steroslots.com to spread pirated software, without a license, and not to incite the use of pirated/unlicensed software.
  15. Not to upload files to the website that contain viruses, Trojans, or corrupted data.
  16. Not to use software with macros or other cheat software programs.
  17. Not to use programs that allow “data mining” or that intercept or collect any information related to steroslots.com, its users, or information presented on steroslots.com, of any kind.
  18. Not to undertake actions that would interrupt transmissions to and from the steroslots.com servers.
  19. Not to infiltrate, in any way and for any purpose, the steroslots.com servers.
  20. To use steroslots.com only through standard web browsers. Any other use, through other programs, scripts, or auxiliary tools, is prohibited.
  21. To respect the specific rules of the forum.
  22. Not to use the communication platform offered by steroslots.com to promote products, services, or any type of advertising.
  23. Not to harass, assault, insult, make defamatory statements against other users, or instigate the commission of illegal acts. The user is responsible for the content of these communications, and steroslots.com does not assume responsibility for information exchanged by users through this platform.
  24. Not to disclose the username and password assigned to third parties and to ensure the confidentiality of this data. For security reasons, the user is encouraged to change their password regularly to protect their account. When the user does not ensure the confidentiality of these data and their account is used by third parties who have come into possession of this information, it will be presumed that the user themselves has acted through their account. The user can prove that they are not responsible for the respective access and that they have fulfilled their obligations to keep the access information confidential.
  25. To read the emails received from steroslots.com, as their content often has particular importance for activity on the website. Through the email address indicated by the user in the account creation form on steroslots.com, contact will be made with them regarding any aspects of the portal or forum activity.
  26. Not to choose a username that can be considered offensive or insulting or that can harm public morals. The user may not use a username that suggests affiliation with a political party or religious confession, and may not use a username that invokes the names of companies or websites with which steroslots.ro is in competition in the market. If the user violates this condition, steroslots.ro has the right to close the user’s account or to request that they change their username.
  27. Not to infringe upon the personal rights of third parties or other users through the content of posts on the forum or portal.
  28. Not to contact other users by any means with the purpose of drawing them to the services of a website with similar content, or in order to persuade them not to use the services offered by steroslots.com.
5. Obligations of Stero Slots
  • To provide users with access to the steroslots.com portal, except in cases of force majeure or other unforeseen events that cannot be qualified as force majeure but due to their specific nature affect the use of the steroslots.com portal and its functioning is disrupted.
  • To sanction violations of these terms and to promote a civilized, pleasant, and professional social environment. Stero Slots has the right to use programs, scripts, and other auxiliary tools to detect contractual obligation breaches by users and to identify them in case it considers that a user acts in violation of their obligations.
6. Forum/Website Defects

Stero Slots ensures the use of the website and forum by users in the version existing at the time of use. The user has the right to file complaints and to notify Stero Slots about the existence of operational defects. However, the user does not have the right to demand that a particular functionality be implemented, maintained, or modified. Users are advised to properly prove any defects that occur during the use of any services of Stero Slots and to report them, providing Stero Slots with all the information they have and all the evidence they hold, to facilitate the remediation of the defect. For any complaints, users should address them in writing, by email, to [email protected], as any other complaints will not be taken into consideration. Stero Slots does not assume any warranty for the proper functioning of the portal.

7. Stero Slots’ Liability

In the service provision activity, Stero Slots does not assume liability for posting inaccurate information on the website, all postings being for informational purposes. Any mistakes can be reported to the portal administration, but Stero Slots will not be responsible for the subsequent use of this information by users. Stero Slots does not guarantee that:

  • the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free
  • any software errors will be corrected
  • the service will be compatible with the user’s platform or software applications
  • the service or the server that is made available to the user is free of viruses or other harmful components and cannot be held liable for any damages caused by them

Stero Slots does not organize or host online gambling games.

Stero Slots does not charge a fee for accessing informational content and does not guarantee that following the instructions provided by the website or by other users will bring success in the activities undertaken by the user. Following the methods and recommendations presented is statistically useful for those who wish to be informed, but Stero Slots does not guarantee a profit or improvement of activities.

The user is responsible for any damage caused to their personal computer from which the service is accessed or for other data losses that may result from downloading any materials. Any materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from the website are used at the user’s own risk.

Stero Slots is not liable for damages caused by the portal’s malfunctioning or incorrect functioning, or for the impossibility of honoring certain services.

Stero Slots is not obliged to provide personalized content or individual services to its users.

Stero Slots refers in the website content to a number of gambling operators.

Stero Slots assumes no responsibility for the services provided by these operators and for any damages arising from the relationships between them and cannot be held liable for compensation.

Stero Slots is not responsible for the content of user postings in the form of text, images, video or audio materials, recommendations, or links, regardless of whether they violate copyright or related rights.

The user is responsible for the content of their postings and will bear the consequences of violating the laws in force independently of Stero Slots. The user is liable for all damages caused by using Stero Slots services, as well as for all damages for which Stero Slots becomes liable as a result of the user’s action.

When Stero Slots refers in the portal content to other websites, Stero Slots does not assume responsibility for their content. Stero Slots does not control the content presented by these websites and cannot influence their activity, therefore any form of liability for their content is excluded. Stero Slots does not engage with other websites that present immoral, obscene, dangerous content, contrary to public morals, or which cannot be socially accepted. If the user finds such statements or information in the content of websites recommended by Stero Slots, they will inform Stero Slots as soon as possible.

8. Data Protection and Advertising

Stero Slots will use all personal data of the user confidentially and in accordance with national regulations.

For technical reasons, the use of the forum and other services available on the site is not possible without saving user data. By requesting to open an account on the forum or by using the website services, the user agrees to the storage and processing of personal data provided. Stero Slots stores and processes the email address, and this will not be used for commercial purposes.

Upon account deletion, Stero Slots retains the right to continue informing the user about news via their email address. The user has the option to refuse to receive other information at that email address, a possibility that will be provided in every email sent by Stero Slots, according to the legislation in force.

Stero Slots is predominantly funded through advertising. Therefore, Stero Slots may allow affiliates or associated companies to contact users for advertising purposes. If the user does not object, their data may be used to send user-targeted advertising (based on information submitted to Stero Slots and their actions on the forum). The user can withdraw their consent at any time via email. The user will have the opportunity, in every promotional message sent by Stero Slots, to refuse the transmission of such messages in the future.

Under certain circumstances, Stero Slots may be obliged to disclose the user’s personal data to a third party. Stero Slots assures users that in this situation, it will do everything possible to keep the data private, with exceptions being: protecting the personal safety of a Stero Slots team member, the legal obligation to provide the data held to judicial bodies in their investigations.

Upon account deletion, we reserve the right to keep all information provided by the User on the site over time by assigning this information to a new User account with a different name, password, and email address from those of the respective User. To delete your account and data, send us an email at [email protected] and we will delete your account within the legal timeframe.

9. Final Provisions

You can check our Cookie Policy here: Cookie Policy

You can check our Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy

Stero Slots and its users agree to choose the jurisdiction of the court within the territorial range of Stero Slots. The Stero Slots website is subject to the laws of EU, and although it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, Stero Slots does not take responsibility for any conflict of content with foreign laws.

All content presented on Stero Slots is protected by copyright, and unauthorized use of any article, post, mention, advertisement, image, or any other element that is subject to these rights constitutes a violation of copyright, sanctioned according to Law 8/1996. We reserve the right to edit, modify, suspend, cancel, or remove the forum or the Stero Slots website, including its content (which might include your content), at any time, without notifying you, and for any reason, which could include, among others, the termination of your access to these services as a result of violating any of these clauses. In this case, Stero Slots is not obliged to provide the user with any copy of any content that they have uploaded up to that date. These clauses are governed by and interpreted in accordance with european law, and hereby you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of EU. If you have any general questions about the current terms, please contact us at the address below or using the contact form. If possible, please contact us using the email address that you provided when registering on the forum.

Stero Slots does not support and does not recommend irresponsible participation in gambling. To protect users, minors are not allowed access to the website and forum. If gambling has become a problem in your life and is negatively affecting your private life, you can visit https://www.begambleaware.org/ to take the first step towards resolving these difficulties.

E-mail: [email protected]

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